Top Things To Do In England

England is an authentic country. It has its own history and atmosphere. England means the land of angels, and the country has been one of the oldest countries in the world. In this article, we will let you know about the top Things To Do In England


1- Visiting Chinatown in London:

A long time ago, a large number of Chinese immigrants came to London to settle there. And later, Chinese cuisine was very famous for its delicious food. Now, at Shaftesbury Avenue, you can find China town, with all of its nice foods and great decorations.



2- Visiting Cambridge University:

Cambridge University is one of the finest and oldest universities in the world.  The building itself is an impressive masterpiece in the whole world.



3- Visiting the Eden Project in Cornwell:

The Eden Project has a number of environmental and social projects that are all promising. There you can see beautiful landscaped and many works of art. And also you can interact there with other visitors, and know more about this project.



4- Watching Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England:

Hadrian’s Wall was apart from a fortification building built by the Romans. There you will see a portion remaining of the wall, and it was reconstructed later.



5-Visiting Durham Castle in Durham:

The Durham Castle belonged to King Norman, who built it to show others his prestige and power. Now, the castle is being occupied by a university college, but still open to the public and tourists to see it.



6- Visiting York Minster in York:

This place is one of the best cathedrals in all of Great Britain. York Minster is also one of the most beautiful buildings you could see there.



7- Visiting the British Museum in London:

The museum has a fine collection of works from all over the globe and is one of the very special places in London. The entry is a charge- free too.



8- Visiting the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London:

The Royal Observatory had a great role in astronomy and navigation in the time of King Charles II. It has been considered a world heritage by UNESCO, and it overlooks the River Thames, which makes it a great tourist attraction in all ways.



9-Visiting Soho in London:

Soho is considered one of the important places in London. There you can enjoy entertainment, beautiful restaurants, and many other things. The place has a variety of things like fashion, literature, music, movies, and theatre, so whatever interests you, it will be there in Soho.



10- Visiting Shakespeare’s house:

If you like literature, then you will love this place. Shakespeare’s house is located in Stratford-upon- Avon in Warwickshire, and it is open for people to see the glances of this wonderful writer’s life.



11- Visiting Warwick Castle in Warwick, Warwickshire:

This castle was built in 1068 and was rebuilt again later. It has stood through time and history until it became a beautiful tourist attraction in our time.



12- Visiting Lake District National Park in Cumbria:

This place is often referred to as The Lakes. It is one of the very beautiful places n England. Thanks to its nature, mountains, and lakes in there, this place will be a great choice for nature lovers, and for people looking for relaxation.



13- Visiting Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum:

This museum is in Marleybone, London. It has many lifelike figures of famous people in different fields, made from wax. The museum has been built in other cities around the world.  And is considered a wonderful special place you can go to in London and in other cities.



14- Visiting the Jurassic Coast:

The Jurassic coast is one of the world heritage sites and is located between East Devon and Dorset. The place is a calm beautiful place, and geology lovers will admire it.



15- Visiting the Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire:

This palace was the residence place of many dukes and is one of the world’s heritage sites. The palace was also the birthplace of Britain’s most famous Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.



England is a very authentic, very proud country. We wish you enjoy your trip in all of its beautiful places and tourist attractions.

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