Top 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

1. Tuscany, Italy – Europe

Tuscany is exactly as the books and movies portray it-sunshine, Chianti, cypress trees, olive groves, and sprawling vineyards. A honeymoon in this heavenly part of northwest Italy means romantic nights in an old castle converted into a hotel and idyllic days lazing by the sea.


2. Bora Bora – South Pacific

The tiny island of Bora Bora, or Pearl of the Pacific, is the most exotic of all exotic honeymoon destinations. Resorts here offer extremely private bungalows surrounded by water with extreme room services like massages, food, and drink.

3. Napa Valley, CA the USA

It means relaxing at a luxury resort nestled in the rolling hills of the Napa Valley wine region. There are many luxury resorts and estates to accommodate your stay. Dine in high-end restaurants and tour vineyards for wine tastings.

4. Paris, France – Europe

Hold hands and stroll through the cobbled streets of the City of Light lined with centuries-old buildings and cascading trees as the River Seine rambles by. Take in the art and points of interest by the day and dine on French cuisine and wine when the street lamps are glowing.

5. Maldives, Asia

The Maldive resort’s luxurious amenities and extravagant services will make you want to spend the whole time in your private villa. Watch sunrises and sunsets over azure waters. Spend your days swimming among colorful coral reefs and exotic underwater creatures.

6. Kauai, Hawaii – USA

Aquamarine skies, brown sand beaches, and the sparkling Pacific greets you every day on Kauai, the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain. Take along your hiking boots for an adventurous hike to explore places that can only be reached by foot.

7. Greenough, Montana USA

Couples who prefer adventure and the great outdoors will fit right in with a honeymoon setting in the pristine Greenough, Montana wilderness.

8. Dominica – Americas

Dominica is the perfect honeymoon setting for nature lovers and the adventurous types. It’s even nicknamed “nature island” because of the vast rainforests that make up over half of this exotic Caribbean island. Still, there are plenty of luxurious private villas and bungalows to book near the Morne Trois Pitons National Park and Boiling Lake, the world’s second-largest hot lake.


9. Nantucket, MA – USA

Honeymooners on a budget can spend a blissful honeymoon here. Look for a quaint B&B to book on a quiet back street in Nantucket’s charming historic district. Stroll hand-in-hand on the private beach.


10. Quebec, Canada

Cobblestone streets, chic boutiques, romantic cafés, and the Quartier Petit Champlain historic district’s bustling streets and art museums will put you in a Paris frame of mind.

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