Tips To Visit Palace Of The Parliament In Romania


Palace of the Parliament is one of the most famous buildings in the world. According to Guinness book records, this building is the second largest building for administration in the world, the third biggest building in volume, and the most expensive building right now. You can not visit Bucharest without visiting it. In this article, we will give you some tips for visiting this place.


1- Visiting tips:

The visit to the palace has guiding rules. Most tours are in English, and if you do not speak or understand English, you can reserve a tour in your language.

The visiting hours of the palace change according to the season, so make sure you ask very well before you travel about the opening hours for visit.



2- Identity papers:

You should take your own passport or ID before visiting the palace. You will leave your ID before entering, and take it while you finish your tour. Also, you will go through security procedures just like the airport.



3- Tickets money:

The amount of money you pay for tickets depends on the duration of the visit. If you are a student you will pay less money, and also you have to pay if you want to take photos. You can only pay in Romanian currency, so make sure you carry enough of it before you visit the palace.



4- Buying souvenirs:

There is a souvenir shop near the palace, it is pretty expensive actually. You can find better places in the city, but if you do not have enough time this shop is a great option for you.



We hope you enjoy your visit to this wonderful place.


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