Tips For Traveling With Bulky Clothes

Traveling is always a great experience, but packing your clothes can be trouble. Especially if you are traveling with bulky clothes that will eat most of the space in your bag. In this article, we will give you some tips for Traveling With Bulky Clothes


Tips For Traveling With Bulky Clothes:


1- Try to wear your bulky pieces:

While at the airport, try to wear some of your heavy pieces or the heaviest among them. This can actually save you space in the bag, and this piece can be used as a blanket or a pillow when you sleep in the plane later.



2- Roll your clothes:

This is actually a very golden tip for packing. Rolling clothes saves a lot of space according to people who did it. You can put your undershirts and pants on top of your heavy pieces, then roll them together to save extra space.



3-Traveling With Bulky Clothes use rubber bands: 

Rubber bands can help you tie up pieces that take a lot of space so that you can have extra space for other items.



4- Pack items that match together:

This is actually will save you time as well as your space. Try to pack clothing pieces that match together and can be found easily.



Also, Tips For Traveling With Bulky Clothes:


5- Pack dual-purpose clothes:

This is very effective in saving space too. Pack jackets that you can wear on both sides and similar pieces. Extra space saving too!



6- Consider buying space-saving bags:

Space-saving bags will give you extra space by helping you suck all the air in your clothes so that you can benefit from all the space in your bag.



We wish you have a great trip and wonderful packing too.

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