Tips For Safe Diving

None of us had seen the divers under the water and was not fascinated by them. Those people who see the wonders of the sea, and the sea itself that contains many colors and many creatures to see. If you travel to a new place, and you want to dive to discover the special beauty under the sea, then this article is for you. We will give you some tips for safe driving and a lovely trip.


1- Choose a good day:

If you decide to dive then you definitely should take care of the weather. Bad weather will affect the water creating currents that may hinder you. So choose a day with good weather to really enjoy diving.




2- Ask questions:

Before you go down, ask about everything you want to know. Remember that down there you will not be able to communicate with your instructor, so make sure you know about everything.



3- Breath normally:

Do not be nervous down there. You will be having a bottle of oxygen on your back. So breath normally the way you always do.



4- Be wise:

Down there, if you notice anything that is up to normal, then communicate with your instructor.



5- Do not touch:

Yes, the colors and everything down there may encourage you to touch a rock or a creature. Never do that, because you do not know what could be harmful to you.



6- Avoid moving too much:

Moving in the water is much harder than moving outside of it,  and it requires a lot of effort. So avoid too much moving while you are diving.



We wish you great diving, and we hope you enjoy every beautiful thing in the wide sea.


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