How To Choose The Best Bag For Your Body Shape

Your body shape affects all your choices while you buy a new product. And you want this new product to reflect the beauty of your body shape, and not to show any something bad in it. In this article, we will help you choose the best bag for you, based on your body shape.


1- Curvy girls:

If you are a plus-sized girl then avoid round bags. These bags will make your body appear large. Also, avoid very small bags as they will make your body look even larger than it is.





2- Thin girls:

Thin girls should avoid too large bags or oversized ones. They should choose styles that go with their body shape and reflect its beauty, and avoid these ones that do not go with it.




3- Short girls:

Short girls should avoid wide bags, as they create a sense of shortness. Also, the strap of the bag should not be too long, in order not to look very short too.




4- Apple- shaped body:

Girls with apple- shaped body should choose bags with longer straps, and avoid bags that finish around their waist. Also, cross body bags are a great choice for them.




5- Pear- shaped body:

Girls with the pear-shaped body should avoid bags that finish at their hips and thighs. Also, they should choose bags with short straps.



At the end of the article, we wish you always look great


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