Cufflinks Are the Perfect Accessory to Pull Your Favorite Suit Together

But if you’re not familiar with these eye-catching accessories, it might seem like a foreign concept. After all, they are not as fashionable as they once were. First of all, you just need to understand when and how to wear them.


A Bit About Cufflinks

You probably know them as the small pieces of metal that close dress shirt sleeve cuffs. But the story goes much deeper, as you might imagine. Of course, they started as a solution to a need.

What are Cufflinks?

In the broadest sense, cufflinks have been around for hundreds of years. They were initially made in increasingly ornate designs. Those who wore the most expensive could often be identified as part of the aristocracy.


In modern society, the connotations are a bit different. Now, you can show off your elevated social status with the right pair. But if you just prefer the French cuff shirts that require links, you can also pick up an inexpensive pair.


When and With What Do You Wear Them?

This is a pretty easy one to answer. If you have a shirt with holes in the shirt cuffs and no buttons, you can probably wear cufflinks. Though they are typically associated with dressy clothes, they don’t have to be.


Who Can Wear Them?

Maybe you’ll order custom-made cufflinks with some special meaning. Or possibly precious metals or gemstones is more your style. Either way, you’ll find plenty of options. And as long as you don’t go too far overboard, you’re not likely to turn anybody off. The good thing about these accessories is that they don’t usually attract unwanted attention.


Why Wear Them?

There are a few reasons most guys who wear cufflinks made that decision. Primarily, there is the practical concern of keeping your shirt sleeve cuffs closed. But there are certainly other options available. So that leaves another reason.


Here Are Some of Our Favorite Cufflinks


One of the most convenient things about picking them out is that one size fits all. Each pair can close your sleeve cuffs, so all the details are up to you.


1. Tateossian Men’s Rhodium Skeleton Movement Cufflinks

Love precise gears and mechanical movements? Wear it on your sleeve with these beautiful cufflinks.


2. Dolan Bullock Sterling Silver Men’s Martini Cufflinks

Show off the timeless cocktail with these distinctive cufflinks. Beyond the striking design, you will be impressed by the quality of the materials.

3. National Hockey League Cufflinks

We can’t think of a cooler way to show your allegiance to a hockey team. These silver cufflinks are made from actual pieces of pucks used in NHL games. They are licensed by the league, so you can count on their authenticity.

4. Cuff-Daddy .925 Sterling Silver Engravable Rectangular Cufflinks


If you’re a little more conservative in your wardrobe, there are plenty of options like this one.

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