7 Best Places to Visit in Asia

There’s a lot of good and exciting activities that you can do when you travel to Asia, where you can enjoy activities such as zip lining, cooking classes, rice planting, horse-cart riding, etc.

Most tourists who visit Asia tend to bring their older kids with them because Asia is a fantastic place for family travel.


1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a myriad of Asian cultures. Tourists get a perfect blend of exotic and familiar experiences. It is so simple to plan an itinerary and travel there. There’s so much travel information available on the internet and this destination is very popular, especially with first-time international travelers.



2. Thailand

Thailand is the best place to go if you desire to tour a destination that is heavily influenced by Western culture. The exotic appeal of Thailand is irresistible, especially if you are traveling there alone and for the first time. It is also the ideal destination for travelers under a budget. It’s quite easy to travel cheaply around Thailand. Once you get there, you’ll enjoy the sights as well as the food.

3. Cambodia

Cambodia is the place to be if you want to explore Asia’s grandest archaeological sites. Furthermore, the locals in Cambodia, who speak good English, are very friendly.


4. India


There’s no other place on earth like India, which is a tourist destination of its own. When you visit India, you’ll get the chance to see some of the world’s most outstanding architecture and vibrant mix of cultures.




Your money will go a long way in Vietnam because 1 US Dollar is about 22,000+ Vietnamese Dong. As a tourist, you’ll be able to buy so many things in this beautiful country. Furthermore, this is the best place to go if you want to traverse the Indochina trail.


6. Singapore


Singapore is arguably the coolest and the most proffered destination to travel in Asia. In Singapore, you’ll get to experience its ultra-modern city-state that is more “exotic” when compared to other destinations in Southeast Asia. You’ll also be able to enjoy urban comforts if you want to. You’ll have a tough time touring Singapore once your kids see this paradise

7. Malaysia


It’s one of the easiest destinations to tour and it’s also the best place to go for an adventure. It’s ideal to visit Malaysia with family or friend to make the experience more memorable.

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